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Storage Assessment Overview

As businesses produce more and more data, storing, managing, and protecting it efficiently has become increasingly important as well as challenging, both financially and operationally. There is a multitude of storage options available and applying the right storage strategy to keep costs down without compromising performance has become critical. CynoTech’s free Storage Assessment provides a comprehensive review of your storage infrastructure, processes, and tools used for storage management. The assessment captures and summarizes your storage configuration and shows a detailed breakdown of your current capacity and performance utilization. A health-check is also conducted to identify any issues, which are documented in a report along with any other recommended actions. The assessment provides recommendations that can be implemented without any further investment, as well as advice on mid to long-term strategic improvements.

The Storage Assessment is tailored to your requirements and can incorporate a review of your Block, File, Object and Cloud storage infrastructures. If required, storage sizing can also be added to the scope of the assessment for inclusion in an RFP document.

Storage Assessment Features

  • Baseline of your storage configuration and current capacity and performance utilization.
  • A report identifying issues within your environment, including performance bottlenecks.
  • High level assessment of your storage maturity level based on similar environment.
  • Recommendations for optimizing storage configuration and improving management.
  • Advice on strategic improvements that could be made to your storage infrastructure.

Our Approach

CynoTech’s Storage Assessment involves a three-stage process of, Discovery, Analysis and Recommendations.

Discovery: In this phase data is gathered both manually and using automated data capture tools. Additional information will be captured through storage workshops with your team.

Analysis: Once our consultants have gathered all relevant information, it will be analyzed, and several reports will be produced. These reports provide a summary of your storage environment and highlight any problem areas.

Recommendations: CynoTech present an Exec Summary, and provide a Storage Assessment Report, with recommendations on immediate system improvements, as well as advice on strategic improvements that could be made to your storage infrastructure.

Assessment Deliverables

  • Exec Summary presentation with findings and recommendations.
  • Storage Assessment Report and additional supporting documents.

Assessment Duration

Dependent on the size and complexity of the environment, typically 3 to 5 days turn around.
The assessment deliverables include several insightful reports regarding your current storage environment. A few examples are shown below.

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