Storage Migration

Data centre migration is never an easy task, but any time you have an infrastructure change, moving data is a necessity. The experts at CynoTech can alleviate the stress of complicated or large-scale moves, and tackle issues that may arise. CynoTech is here to help minimize downtime and ease the transition by minimizing lease and maintenance overlaps, lowering labour expenses, and accelerating the process for minimal disruption to your business.
Data migration might be a result of several events in the data centre, for example, an application upgrade, data centre consolidation project or technology refresh. Regardless of the number of times, the storage migration is needed; a virtualized multitier environment makes the job easy for the complete life of a data centre.
CynoTech enables enterprise storage unit migration without disrupting any ongoing processes in a cost-effective manner. By using virtualization techniques, Non-Disruptive Migration techniques our expertise save resources, budget, time and lowers TCO without any outages.

Migration Strategy

We at CynoTech have developed a sophisticated and scrupulous data centre server migration methodology that reduces risk, cost and timeframes through the application of defined best practices/model and discrete automated tools. While the combination of IBM and Hypervisor replication technologies, Recovery technologies and third-party tools brings many advantages to the execution of migration, diligent planning and the coordination to identify dependencies and to address potential problems are essential for each move event.

Server Workload and Data Migration between Physical, Virtualized Environment and Cloud Infrastructure.

For high degree physical servers, complex migration (from Source Data Center, Virtualization, Consolidation and Cloud Infrastructure in the target data centre) are being performed by the CynoTech team and Best Practices are always used in discreet planning and decisions wherever needed in which applications and data need to move together with minimal down time. There is always a Risk Management and Mitigation plan available in case of any issues developed during the migration.
CynoTech provides organizations with a sophisticated, proven solution for testing, migrating and rebalancing workloads across infrastructure boundaries.



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