Moonwalk Universal Data Management

We  address your top IT priorities, such as reducing the cost and complexity of file storage, data migration and digital transformation. Efficiently manage your storage assets with tiered storage and migration of less frequently used data.

Are you looking to successfully manage file sprawl while also reducing complexity in your IT environment? Do you have too many storage devices in your organization? Is this becoming a costly and complex issue for you?

If so, Moonwalk Universal has created an intelligent file management solution to address your needs. An efficient and cost-effective use of storage infrastructure requires the right balance of software, hardware and file management policies.

Moonwalk can help enable the intelligent and proactive allocation, retention and transparent relocation of file data throughout your storage environment and in the Cloud. Moonwalk delivers a proven, patented, and high-performance data management solution for Windows Server.

The Moonwalk solution is designed to seamlessly migrate file content from your expensive Windows Server primary storage to lower-cost, higher availability object storage

Moonwalk's peer-to-peer streaming technology and out-of-band command and control design allows for virtually unlimited scalability. As more storage and more hosts are added to your infrastructure, Moonwalk enables these data sources to fully participate in your policy domain.

Moonwalk's dis-intermediated architecture and parallel operation means that the workload profile for each of your servers will not change with the addition of other servers. Without additional layers, indexes, appliances or databases, Moonwalk provides a point-to-point steaming capability across your Windows Servers. Your data is not stored-then-forwarded; instead, it is streamed directly from the source to the  Cloud.  

Moonwalk also provides ‘self-serve’ data reacquisition, in which archived files are restored transparently and automatically directly from Azure storage, back to the source storage.
The Moonwalk Policy Server plays no part in data reacquisition and therefore does not inhibit storage performance.




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